Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Morning Pancakes and Sleep Issues

When you become a mother you instantly loose any expectations for uninterrupted sleep or a lie-in for the next 18 years.
For those who have older and younger children you may as well not make the pretense of going to bed at all. Just camp out on the sofa. If you're lucky you'll have a few hours kip between the oldest bursting through the front door chasing their curfew and the little early bird who likes to watch the dawn chorus of The Wiggles at 5am.

After such a night one craves carbs. Pancakes fit the bill (even if you may not fit into your jeans after eating too many) then afterwards the best thing is - well, a snooze.  

2 3/4 cups all purpose flour
1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1 1/2 teaspoons cinnamon powder
1/4 cup sugar
3 eggs
1 cup milk
1/2 cup sour cream
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Fresh or frozen blueberries

Mix the dry ingredients together.

Mix the wet ingredients together.

Add the wet to the dry and gently combine.  If the mixture seems very stiff add a little more milk.  If it seems too thin sprinkle in a little more flour and very gently fold in.

Heat a couple of tablespoons butter in a skillet until really hot and bubbling.

Dollop tablespoons of mixture onto the skillet and add some blueberries.

Cook for a few minutes until golden and flip onto the other side.

Cook for another few minutes, making sure the pancake is thoroughly cooked through in the the middle.

Remove to a platter and serve with maple syrup or with butter and jam.


  1. This looks fabulous Mary! Yes, having four children, I realize that sleep is really over-rated. Besides, we can sleep when we are really old, right? ;)

  2. Those pancakes look good! And I can relate to those sleep issues!

  3. these look wonderful, so high and fluffy, sleep will come, beleive me.
    I was in your place a few years ago, now I have 3 in their 30"s and I can sleep all I want funny thing is I would much rather have the commotion of back then, most,days. I try to tell myself , remember when you thought a full nights sleep would never come, well its here now.Time really does fly,

  4. Lovely pancakes, and I can relate on the sleep deprivation. Though for now I'm actually getting a full night's sleep. I'm sure it won't last long though.

  5. Wow! Fluffy and delicious looking pancakes

  6. What a better way to start your day?Kisses,dear!

  7. Challenges of life but then this pancake makes it much better:)

  8. I adore thick pancakes like these. I often turn to pancakes or waffles when I am too tired to think. They are pure comfort for a tired mom and a treat for the kiddos.

  9. What fluffy pancakes. Love the sour cream and blueberries too. Whether you need sleep or not, these look delicious and ready to help you conquer any day.

  10. "... a good snooze." I like that expression. Gosh, I would like someone to make Sunday morning pancakes for me and wake me from my nap on the sofa when they are ready.

  11. You're so right, when you're super tired the card craving is hard to resist - but then these pancakes would be hard to resist anytime@
    Oh, and remember these teenage years WILL pass :) and you will be able to sleep soundly once again!

  12. I can't explain ever to anyone just how much my son and his daddy loves pancakes. They are obsessed! This recipe looks amazing i love the height of the cakes!

  13. You are right. I totally agree with you, Kay.We don`t need any sleep!

  14. Oh how I adore my sleep. I'm mentally preparing myself in the years to come for copious amounts of sleep deprivation when children come into the picture. Carbs will help, I'm sure! ~Megan

  15. These look wonderful! I'll have to pass this recipe along to Mike. He always makes the kids pancakes on the weekends. :) As for the sleep...someday. A girl can dream anyway.

  16. OMG those look fabulous Mary! I have no children at home ~ but often get up in the middle of the night to cook and read! Take care....

  17. These look wonderful. I remember those days when my kids were little. I'm glad they're grown now although I do miss the sound of little feet running through my house.

  18. I always crave carbs when i'm tired...which is more often than i care to mention so i'm always struggeling to fasten my jean's !
    Pancakes look gorgeous, i'll be giving them a go :-)

  19. ...hmm...maybe its not such a bad thing that CK and I haven't had kids yet ;)

    But just cause I get 8 full hours of sleep a night doesn't mean I don't still crave carbs! Bring on the pancakes!

  20. Totally understand what a mum has to go thru...sleep deprivation is common. LOL.

    Your delicious pancakes will be great to rejuvenate every sleepless morning!

  21. i can tell you that even with no children issues, i'm also not able to get a full night sleep. well, it doesnt happen very often though but it's funny, there's seems to be a biological clock inside us telling us when to wake up everyday even if we sleep early or late. Pancakes!! i was just watching anna olson making pancakes with cinnamon yesterday on seeing yours making me feel like wanting to make them immediately!

  22. The pancakes look fabulous! And I echo those sleep never gets easier....when they are older you lie awake until you hear the key in the door!
    Never understood what my mom was on to until I had my own!
    So nice to visit here.
    Shel xx


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