Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Oh Dear! Wait, I Have an Idea.

Every picture tells a story.  Well, this is mine.  Last week I found the tiniest bit of black ice.  The result was a fractured ankle (three breaks) and dislocated bone (I really don't know which one but it looked very strange).  I wasn't brave, the stiff upper lip immediately gave way and I begged for drugs. In fact I'm still on them so if I ramble, forgive me.  I'm now the proud owner of a titanium plate in my ankle with plenty of bolts to hold it all together.  I'm told I will make a full recovery in about 4 months. For the next 6-8 weeks, no weight on the foot, no driving the car and keep it elevated.  For any mother out there, you realize this is completely impossible, if I let myself think about it I become highly agitated, so I don't think about it.  It's one day at a time.  At least it will give me plently of time to visit all the wonderful blogs out there.  My children are looking forward to decorating my cast, my husband has claimed my mangled foot with his initials. I did however have an idea in the cooking department which I hoped you may be able to help me out with.......

Of course I'm going to cook, perhaps not for the next week or so but it's like breathing - it's just a fact of life.  So, here's where I need the help. 

1.    I'm looking for recipes that are VERY simple to prepare and will feed a family of 6. 

2.    If you would be kind enough to send me link to one of your recipes on your blog you think will fit the bill, I will then do my best to make it, photograph it, post it and link it back to your blog.

3.   I'm in need of inspiration and I though this would be quite fun.  We are not picky eaters (except one).

4.  Thanks for taking the time to give this a go and I'm excited to see some tasty results.


  1. Oh dear! I am so so sorry to hear about this. :( I know it's incredibly difficult to have something like this happen and not be able to go about your normal daily routine and responsibilities. Know that I am thinking of you and sending positive get well vibes your way! Perhaps this bean & butternut squash chili (made in the crock pot) would be an easy recipe for you to try. And I think your family will love it. :) Feel better!

  2. Blimey Mary, you don't do things by halves! You poor thing. Make sure you do take it easy to give it chance to heal. If it is any consolation our dog had titanium rods put in her legs, it turned her into a whole new dog! There will be no stopping you next year.

  3. Oh no! You poor thing, it's Christmas you need to focus on, do you make mince pies? You could use pre made pastry and makes lots, then freeze for quick puddings.

    I'll try and think of some recipes that may help, but take care and try and enjoy your enforced rest:-)
    Jude x

  4. oh my gosh, I cracked my collar bone two weeks ago and its a crushed crack so I'm laid up for 8 weeks, and I thought my plight was bad , you poor dear, my sympathies go out to you! Trying to be a mom of at home children with this injury will be challenging bu please do listen to your orders, if you don't it will only set you back.Rottisirei chicken, could be used in alot of things, we are seating alot of those, I think you must just accept things will be different for a while, no one will go hungry and family and friends will ralley, I wish I was closer, ( what help I would be I don't know but it was reflex to offer) , I guess if I was closer we could sit and feel sorry for ourselves, lol,please take care, heal quickly, don't forget your vitamins and calcium to help the healing process!

  5. Oh,dear Mary,I am so sorry about your ankle!I hope you get well soon!
    A very simple and yummy recipe that your family would enjoy is this:

    Many many kisses from Greece:)

  6. Oh no, Mary! So sorry! Love that your husband put his initials on your toes--so sweet! It sounds like you're being well taken care of...I'll be thinking of some easy peasy recipes for you, my friend!


  7. Oh dear Mary, this is terrible, I feel so bad. I HATE ice and am a prisoner in my own home most of the winter. I think the crockpot will be your friend. Just throw stuff in and set it high or low and dinner is done. I'd check out Rachael Ray's website for some 30 minute meal inspiration, too. Build your own tacos, or burgers, or franks (hot dogs). Good old soup, too, with grilled cheese sandwiches. Wishing you a speedy recovery. xo

  8. Hello Mary, poor you with that damaged ankle is very impressively bandaged. How frustrating it must be for an active person like you who loves cooking and for a big family of six!
    On one hand, it will be a perfect moment for your husband and four girls to show you what they're made of in the kitchen! You might be very pleasantly surprised! Take it easy and I hope you will soon be pain free and able to smile again.

  9. You are a star for thinking of something so creative when you must be so uncomfortable! Here are some links for you to consider Easy Pork Spare Ribs and Cheat's Lasagne Kia kaha

  10. oh Mary Im really sorry about your ankle, hope you feel well soon, I missed you.
    Is nice your hubby and kids care you LOL

  11. This is awful, you poor thing! Your request made me think of just one thing - you need my all time best ever British nursery food (http://littlemacaroon.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/on-pie.html). The only cooking involved normally is mashing potatoes and grilling some sausages - but it would probably be even better with cold cooked sausages from the shop and some smash! I hope you're managing to keep off that ankle :-/

  12. So very sorry, breaks are not fun, as a horse person I am well practised in them!!

    I made an easy soup yesterday which was a real meal in one and will last us for several days. Now if my husband makes some pasta dishes in between it wall last for even more days!!

    No recipe, I just skinned a whole chicken, threw it in a big pot with a quartered onion, a sliced carrot and some sliced celery and seasoning covered with water. When cooked I shredded the chicken put it back in a big pot, with what vegetables I had lying around plus I polished of a couple of packets of lentils, some split peas and some pearl barley and cooked till all tender, Soup for a whole week with some home made bread :-))) It is very yummy and very filling and oh so easy!

    Take care and look after yourself Diane

  13. Mary, Mary, I´m so glad you´re fine now. It will be an experience and maybe you find out you have more helpers than you thought in your house! While you get better here are some links:
    Corn handpies (use store-bought dough) http://vintagekitchennotes.blogspot.com.ar/2012/11/corn-basil-handpies-sundaysupper.html
    Pork loin http://vintagekitchennotes.blogspot.com.ar/2012/09/pork-loin-with-port-shallot-sauce.html
    Filled crepes http://vintagekitchennotes.blogspot.com.ar/2012/08/zucchini-corn-and-bacon-crepes.html
    I wish I was your neighbour so I could go send you some food! xoxo

  14. Oh my goodness, what awful luck! All from one little patch of ice?! I'm so sorry!! I hope you feel better soon, and don't go TO crazy trying to take it easy! I know how you feel. Recovering from surgery was horrible. I just wanted to get back to being a Mom! I have a few that come to mind, this first one is ridiculously easy, and one of our favorites! There's hardly even any measuring!
    And the easiest roast and potatoes ever!
    Hope these help!

  15. Are you kids old enough to learn to boil water and cook pasta? And open a can of tomatoes, heat it through, toss in pasta and cheese and through some lettuce into a bowl and use a bottle of dressing? And open a loaf of store-bought bread? If so, you are golden. Are there any personal chefs in your area who will come in to cook 5 days worth of dinners on a Sunday (sometimes done in their own home, which is what I do)? A good one shouldn't be too unreasonable and it would lift a huge burden from your shoulders.

  16. Oh my goodness I am so sorry about your accident. That sounds terrible! You must listen to your dr and stay off that foot and let it heal.
    My daughter slipped on black ice on friday last week after spending 3 hours in casualty we discovered it was only a bad sprain. This icy weather is treacherous isn't it. You take care of yourself and take it easy!!!

  17. What a great idea Mary! But I'm really sorry to hear about your injury; please do try and let your kids and husband look after you and take over the cooking if you can bear to (I know it's hard!)as you'll be back to normal sooner if you rest now. What about a baked eggless frittata ?http://theyogivegetarian.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/baked-eggless-frittata-for-perfect.html because you can put anything to hand in it, and make any amount easily. Just add a salad (ready made from a bag would be just fine) and you have lunch or supper. If they're still hungry then let them eat cake- try this simple ginger parkin http://theyogivegetarian.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/date-syrup-ginger-parkin-vegan-natural.html that you can knock up in minutes. (If you can't get date syrup then use golden and/or maple syrup perhaps). Hope this helps... and if you do get time, I'd love it if you could drop by my new other blog, "Vegan on a Budget" and let me know what you think. Get well soon:)

  18. Oh dear! I guess you were supposed to put your feet up and not rush about this Christmas season! Hard, I know! Oh my!

    Do you shop at Sam's Club? I would go for their ready to heat and eat items. Many are quite tasty and only need to be microwaved. And the prices are great, too!

    Feel better! xo

  19. I am sooo sorry to hear this news, I keep thinking you survived Sandy and now this! I've just found this simple recipe from Crisco I learned of from DKzody at http://dkzody.wordpress.com/2012/12/01/cookie-baking/ and am just about to try it. Here's the crisco link

  20. So sorry Mary! Hope you surprise the doctor and recover much faster than his prediction! Here are a few links that might help :)



    Take Care!

  21. I'm really sorry about your ankle. Get well soon, hugs!

    Here are some easy soup recipes for you, and one recipe for pancake baked in the oven. You can make the pancake without sugar and use vegetables, meat to make it savory.


  22. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear about your tumble. :( Take care of yourself and let that ankle heal! :)

  23. You poor thing - I'm wincing here in sympathy.

    I just looked back through my blog - and can't find a dinner that is both quick and easy to cook, but also very easy to shop for (all my easy recipes seem to contain fish, for some reason, and that needs shopping time!).

    I do have this recipe for a warm filling and really easy soup:

    I hope it works for you.

    Nothing wrong with the chipper when needs must!!!!!

  24. Oh my, poor you! I have my favorite cooking sites (of which you are one of my favorites)so here are some easy suggestions.


    Or a great tuna casserole (easy), if you like this sort of thing:


    Or a delicious green chile casserole:


    Okay, I'll stop now! Hope you're feeling better soon. God bless.


  25. So sorry to hear about your foot. How awful. Sending thoughts and prayers your way. XOXO

    By the way, our 30minute meals are all easy peasy. http://www.theslowroasteditalian.blogspot.com/search/label/30Minutes

  26. Oh no!! Poor you! I am so sorry you got hurt, Mary... :( I guess desserts are out, huh? I hope you will feel better soon! Sending you hugs!!! xoxo

  27. Oh dear Mary!! So sorry for your painful injury...When I saw the picture, I was like oh no....what about her cooking!! Gathering recipes is such a great idea.
    I'm guessing you will have a lot of inspiration in just a few weeks. I'm not a great cook, but I sure will dig through my recipes to see if I can somehow come close to your kind of cooking, or challenge you in any way...
    Bless your heart, get some rest and stay off of that foot!!!

  28. Oh you poor dear! I'm soooo sorry about your foot! Four months...yikes.
    Here's one recipe http://kittyskozykitchen.blogspot.com/2011/05/easy-french-dips.html

    I'll try to send more! xo

  29. Here's another for one of the easiest meals ever:

  30. Here's another easy one for the holidays and it's tasty, too.


  31. So very sorry to hear this Mary! Wow, it would be hard any time but especially now. I'll be praying for a quick recovery!

  32. I'm so sorry, Mary! I can just imagine how painful it must be! Hope you have a speedy recovery! Being a mom who is not exactly mobile right now, especially with kids in the house can be very frustrating with tons to do! Take it easy and rest. I have two recipes, one is using bakery-bought croissant and make it into tuna croissant sandwich or whatever filling you find super easy to do, canned tuna is very quick and easy. The other recipe is a pasta dish, which only require the pasta to be cooked and then mixed with all the other ingredients. This pasta dish is great that you can prepare it about an hour or two in advance. This is my kids' favourite pasta, have made this many times. They have even brought this pasta meal as a lunch pack to school a couple of times to share with their friends. Here's my link :

    Take care!

  33. Oh no Mary! I'm so sorry-- darn that stupid black ice! That is terrible to happen at all, and especially during the busy holiday season. I hope you are feeling better and that the meds are doing their job and that you get the time to get some rest and relaxation. Feel better and hope your foot heals extra quickly! We miss seeing your delightful posts!!

    Here is an easy crock pot spaghetti sauce: http://www.ryanbakes.com/2011/06/slow-cooker-week-crock-pot-italian.html

  34. Oh no! I don't even know what to say! I am soooooo sorry! wow- i wish i lived near to bring you over some food

  35. I'm so sorry Mary! I pray you have a speedy recovery! If I think of any recipes I'll stop back. Sending a giant *HUG* your way.

  36. Oh Mary! I'm so sorry to hear about your ankle. It's got to be rough not being able to do all the normal mom things that you do. I'm glad to hear that your family is going to step up and help you out. I wish I lived closer so I could help you out and bring you some food. I will think of some easy recipes that can feed a family of six. I have an Italian wedding soup, but you would have to make 40 meatballs to go with it, and I don't think that's to easy. I have some pretty simple pasta recipes that I will email you as well as some soup ones.
    Try and stay cheerful and take this time to catch up on some reading, maybe some old movies or tv shows that you have been wanting to view.
    I'm sending you some healing light so that your ankle heals quicker than expected ;)

  37. i'm so sorry to hear about your injury! i know it;s going to be a little tough especially during this festive season and with the kids around. I just made a mushroom and spinach quesadilla last week, baked one. see if you are interested..here's the link;


    you take good care, mary!

  38. I'm so sorry you have fractured your ankle. Hopefully by now most of the pain has subsided and some of the swelling has gone down.

    I'm not sure I would even attempt to cook in your situation, regardless how simple a recipe seems. You probably need to keep your foot and ankle elevated as much as possible.. perhaps a good time to catch up with reading and such.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery and extra holiday cheer! XOXO

  39. Hi, how are you doing this week? I've been thinking about you and hoping you are recovering okay. Have you tried any of the hundreds of recipes you've been sent? All the best :)

  40. Oh Mary, So sorry about your fall! Hope you are feeling better! You will recover…I know this because, you and I now share an ankle with a titanium plate and many screws. Mine happened 18 years ago while standing on a ladder, washing my kitchen window…that’s all the information you need…LOL! I do feel your pain…it’s is a long road to recovery, but you will get back to normal! Physical therapy was my saving grace.
    Here are a few recipes that may work for you….

    Hope these work for you! Merry Christmas…let everyone spoil you and lend a helping hand. I wish I lived close by, I would make you dinner!

  41. O.K., now I am catching up to what has happened!! Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Down to advice...easy to cook meals? You've nailed it with soups. I agree with Betsy who mentioned Sam's. We buy their ready made enchiladas and they are very delicious. We also buy their ready made ravioli and the huge bags of meatballs. Another thought might be "quesadillas". We stick lots of leftovers in them, add a little cheese, possibly salsa and in the oven they go for 25 minutes. So sorry you are laid up and hope the recovery flies by.

  42. I hope you feel better quick! So sorry to hear about that! Ouch! I hope it heals well and quickly!

  43. Oh my gosh, Mary... I can't believe I missed this post! I've been so crazy busy the past month, this one got right by me. I hope that you are doing better at this point... I see you have a lot of good recipes that people have supplied you with.. if you are still looking for some, let me know and I'll send a few your way. Otherwise, just take care of you!!! (Hugs)

  44. I'm sorry that I missed this event. Ouch! Hopefully, you are a bit more mobile by now. Mend well, and quickly.

  45. Mary,
    I'm so sorry about your injury. Hope that you are healing well. I was on crutches for 4 mos. when my youngest of three boys was 18 mos. You just have to go one day at a time. I got a laundry cart on wheels to do laundry.

    Here is a recipe for chicken Provencal Soup- double recipe to serve 6 http://bakingandcookingataleoftwoloves.blogspot.com/2010/11/chicken-provencal-stoup.html

    Double this recipe for six Chicken and Broccoli


    Hope that these help you out.


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