Monday, May 6, 2013

Quinoa Salad

This is such a useful salad because it uses just about any vegetables you may have lurking in your fridge.  I used onions, garlic, celery, carrots, tomatoes, avocados, cucumber and a TON of baby kale.  A strange assortment perhaps, but delicious. If you have any parsley or cilantro that would be lovely, use whatever you have.  I love this warm or cold. A multi colored quinoa is a lot of fun.

Quinoa Salad.

1 cup of quinoa
1 onion, peeled and finely chopped
2 cloves of garlic, minced
2 celery sticks, diced
3 carrots, peeled and finely chopped
1 tablespoon cumin
1 box of baby kale, finely chopped (or 1 bunch of kale, finely chopped)
2 tomatoes, diced
1/2 cucumber, diced
1 avocado, peeled, pitted and diced
Lemon juice

For the dressing.

2 tablespoons Dijon mustard
3 tablespoons red wine vinegar
6 tablespoons olive oil
Sea salt
Freshly ground black pepper

Cook the quinoa according to the package directions.

Heat a couple of tablespoons of olive oil and saute the onion gently for about 7-10 minutes until golden.

Add the garlic, celery, carrots and cumin.  Cook for another 2 -3 minutes.  Add the kale and cook until wilted.  Place in a large bowl.

Add the cooked quinoa, cucumber, avocado and tomato.  Toss gently.

To make the dressing place all the ingredients in a jar, screw the lid on tight and shake well.  Taste and check the seasonings.  Pour over the quinoa and vegetables and toss to coat everything lightly with the dressing.

Add a squeeze of lemon juice and serve.


  1. beautiful in color....and I know it is very tasty. How long will it keep in the ref? Love those ingredients in the dressing!!

  2. This is a beauty and it can just change with the seasons.

  3. This sounds delicious as a salad, Mary. I just love quinoa and the slight crunch it has to it. As soon as I come across one of those small avocados I'll be giving it a try! I may even want to sneak in a diced apple instead of kale!

  4. What a colourful and healthy salad! You are welcome to add it to our event at
    if you'd like to give your readership a boost and get a collection of quinoa recipes :)

  5. It looks delicious and so healthy. I love baby kale and try to throw it into as many things as I can.

  6. Quinoa is just one of the reasons Whole Foods is necessary.

  7. I love making salads like this with quinoa! So simple, delicious, and healthy. Yours looks great :)

  8. YUM!! Great thing about this salad is you can add just about anything to it and it would be fantastic!!!

  9. So colorful, pretty and delicious looking! This would be so great to take to work, I'd look forward to my break the whole time I was working!

  10. I love quinoa salads and I love throwing tons of avocado and black beans in. You right that you can literally mix anything into quinoa and have a great tasting salad. Your dressing sounds fabulous. :)

  11. Have read so much about Quinoa lately that I want to give it a try. I can almost taste it now

  12. Looks like a healthy and delicious salad, Mary! xo

  13. So I am buying quinoa today! I have not yet eaten this but it looks delicious. I do need to branch out!

  14. I've tried quinoa before and it's one of my favorite sources of non-animal protein.
    Your salad is such a healthy but delicious treat! It's perfect for spring, love it.



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