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Pippa Middleton's Book "Celebrate, A Year of Festivities for Families and Friends" - Giveaway!!

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Pippa Middleton has some very impressive credentials, sister in law to the future King of England, sister to the Duchess of Cambridge and aunt to the third in line to the British throne to name a few. Perhaps her most memorable role however, was as the perfectly poised and elegantly adorned matron of honor at her sisters Royal wedding.  

pippa middleton royal wedding dress

Pippa has recently written a book "Celebrate"and although it's received some pretty harsh reviews by some; I fell for this book hook, line and sinker.  It taps at the very heart of British family traditions at their most relaxed and comforting with a whimsical style that I found irresistible. There's a celebration for everyone within these pages ranging from New Year's Eve, Robbie Burns Night, fireside suppers, children's tea parties and the list goes on. The recipes are updated British favorites which I'm cooking my way through and there hasn't been a dud yet - how about this for an autumnal evening dinner party.

Venison Stew with Hasselback Potatoes.

Pippa Middleton recipes

I'm the first to admit I'm a Royalist. I'm thrilled to bits over the new royal arrival. Who can't be touched by the pictures of the William and Kate, looking every inch the new parents nervously cradling their baby son who will one day be King. I'm also a fan of the Middleton family.  Thrust into the limelight they have managed not to put a foot wrong in what must be a minefield of royal protocol.  Their behavior at the Royal Wedding was exemplary. I can only imagine how nerve racking it must have been knowing approximately 2 BILLION people were watching to see if they put a foot wrong - they didn't.  

The backbone of the family we are told is Catherine's mother, Carole. A devoted mum from humble beginnings she has worked tirelessly to succeed in life and provide every opportunity for her children. From a council house to the balcony at Buckingham Palace Carole has succeeded in a spectacular fashion, a journey she has traveled, in my view, with style and dignity.  There is a book I've noticed in bookshops recently called "What would Jackie do?" lightheartedly describing how to behave in certain situations with the style of Jackie Kennedy.  Recently I have found myself asking, not so much "What would Jackie do" but rather "What would Carole do?" 

Prince Philip stands next to Carole Middleton as the Queen listens to the Duchess of Cornwall after the wedding

Back to Pippa's book.  I felt I HAD to share this charming glimpse into British family life so I'm offering a brand new copy as a GIVEAWAY. If you're the slightest bit curious about the Middleton family, the Royal family, you're an Anglofile or you just love good food and having fun, this is the book for you.  All you have to do is;

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That's it, simple!  The giveaway will be open until September 30th.


  1. I love everything English too and for sure the 'real royals',lol.. I don't think Peppa is that great looking or anything like that, she's cute. I bet the book is fun, I'd love it too! Hugs,

  2. What a great give-away. The book sounds delightful. Although I would not call myself a Royalist, I find myself more & more interested in the royal family as well as Kate's family. They have brought new blood to the royal family and in my opinion, that's a very good thing. I'm anxious to know more about Carole & Pippa. Both seem very comfortable in their skin and that is something as women we can all admire.

    I am a follower already and I also "like" your FB page. I would be thrilled to receive a copy of Pippa's book.

  3. What lovely pictures on the Royal Family and the Middleton family! Having been brought up in England and lived there until I was around 21, I love anything about the Royal Family too! I agree that the Middletons have been very gracious and discreet in every way. As you say, it can't be easy! That's some mini skirt that Carole is wearing, but then she has the legs and a wonderful figure! Pippa is elegant and looked wonderful at her sister's wedding.
    Pippa's book looks lovely, just like her. It will make someone a great gift!
    A nice article, Mary!

  4. being a celebrit has its downside as well as its good side, sadly I think they are judged more harshly and feel bad for them in that regard, they can choose the family to which they are born no more than we commoners can, there is definitely something very refreshing about the Kate and her family, they make the royals more approachable, more normal.In this day and age that I think is more acceptable than in years past.
    It sounds like a great book! I would love to read it!

  5. Well, that book looks fabulous! Thanks for the chance! I didn't know you had a facebook, so when this comment is published I shall pop over and give you a 'like'. :)

    I am impressed by the Middletons...just commoners who started an internet business and hit the big times by hard work and smarts. And I was always impressed by Kate, who even after a breakup with William, didn't slander the royals in any way or give gossip stories any juicy tidbits to publish. I think that impressed the royals, too! And it ultimately worked out. I like it when classy, sophisticated, kind people win!

    I also thought Pipa almost stole the show at the royal a good way! ha.

  6. I adore the lovely Middleton ladies--all three. I was up before daybreak to "attend" the wedding of William and Kate and had a tear in my eye when thinking of how happy Diana would be. I can't wait to get an up close glimpse of little Prince George. Thanks for sharing the news of Pippa's book. As for the reviews, i always take them with "a grain of salt"--it's a matter of personal taste.


  7. They certainly have great genes..
    The book looks lovely..and so does your plating..
    There is a book I think you would love..Susan Branch's new book and her love of England:)

  8. I'm your newest follower. I know I'd enjoy reading this. I love things English and fantasize about a trip to England, especially to meet my English bloggy buddies.

  9. I love all things royal and I think the Middleton family are admirable!

  10. The book seems quite interesting.
    Have a great Sunday, Mary.

  11. My daughters, 19 and 16, comment often about how lovely Kate is and what a good role model she is. Her mother absolutely did something right! I don't know much about the Middleton family but would love to find out more. Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. The Middletons seem like a lovely family to me. I think a lot of people cast stones when they are jealous, to tell you the truth! I trust your judgment-if you like this book, I think I would too! :) CC

  13. It must be an interesting book.I was really amazed by the way England welcomed the new member of the royal family!It was really impressive!
    Kisses,dear Mary!

  14. I love the royal family, and I generally like the Middletons too. (I live in Canada, so we don't get as much media coverage of their family, but they seem like decent people.) This looks like a really fun book!

  15. Please enter me into this giveaway! I love your recipes

  16. I am so glad you reviewed Pippa's book. There are certain people that have been very mean to her and I don't understand that.

    Madonna/aka/Ms. Lemon
    MakeMIneLemon dot com

  17. I like the royal family as well as the Middletons. I think Pippa's book looks really interesting; I've been browsing her book in the library the past few times I've been there and will probably check it out soon - that is, if I don't win your giveaway. :)

  18. Hi, We are planning on going to England on our honeymoon! Hope to see more of the country's treasures. I think that the Middletons have handled all the scrutiny and media blast very well with grace and charm. It's hard being in the public eye an associated with the royal family is surely daunting. Love the post and the book looks fabulous!

  19. Querida María es interesante la bienvenida al nuevo miembro de la familia guiso de venado es exquisito,hugs,hugs.

  20. I like the Middleton's, they have built themselves a business and raised their family. Their daughter has married into Royalty, but that is not their choice and they are making a great job of it. I wish them and their family and extended family all the best. I would love to win the book to read some more from Pippa, so please enter me into your draw.

  21. Though I have never admitted it, I believe I am a Royalist, too! Who wouldn't want to be a princess? And the Middleton's seem like awesome parents to boot!

  22. Nice giveaway. I love the royal family & think Kate and her sister are sweet ladies. The stew looks really tasty!

  23. This book sounds fun and I do like Harry and William very much and I think Kate is just as sweet! Pippa is always stylish so I would definitely like her book - for sure!

  24. I love hearing about the Royal family and the extended families. I've never lived in Europe so it is all fascinating to me! Loved the background information and adore venison stew!

  25. HI Mary! Thanks for the opportunity and a chance to win a book! I have always been a follower! And, I will go over to Like on facebook as well.
    I love the new Royal family, they bring so much joy to not only England but to the world. Love the venison stew and can't wait to read more of your British favorite recipes!

  26. The book sounds fun! I am already a follower of your blog. Count me in for the give away (i.e. if it is open world wide)


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