I'm Mary, a British mum of four lovely daughters living in the USA. I have discovered that along with motherhood comes a demand for a certain degree of culinary competence, of which I had very little when I first had children. A defining moment came as I was staring out of my kitchen window listening to the hungry howls of my demanding brood. Not only was I going to have to feed them again that day, but everyday for the next eighteen years, give or take the odd meal out and the life saving invention of pizza delivery. To my horror I worked out that meant approximately 6570 dinners - I mean honestly, that's practically a career! 
That's when the penny dropped, I was going to have to learn how to COOK. I mean really COOK, roasting, braising, cakes, tarts, meringues, soups and stews, all the techniques and tricks I could muster. I threw down the gauntlet, and took on the challenge. I took endless classes at the CIA and The Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC and now, one meal at a time, I now try to feed my family the most delicious, nutritious and heart warming meals I possibly can. This is my story, told through my kitchen with all its triumphs and disasters. This blog is about food, family and an unexpected love of cooking.

Mary x


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